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"Qian Xuesen" & "Falling Flowers"
2021-07-11 17:07

This week we will show you two biopics about two great Chinese: Qian Xuesen and Xiao Hong.

Qian Xuesen

Qian Xuesen (1911-2009), the Chinese rocket scientist who died at the age of 97, was widely acknowledged as one of the “founding fathers of Two Bombs, One Satellite” for establishing China’s ballistic missile program.

Qian Xuesen was directed by Zhang Jianya, co-starring Chen Kun, Zhang Yuqi and Zhang Tielin. The film traces a series of little-known twists and turns in the life of Qian Xuesen ranging from his academic study on aerodynamics and jet propulsion, his contribution to the US missile programme during the Second World War, returning to China after five years of house arrest, and experiences of leading the Chinese nuclear weapons program. It also runs through the 62 years’ love story of Qian Xuesen and his wife, Jiang Ying.

Falling Flowers

Xiao Hong (1911-1942) was a Chinese novelist, short story writer, and poet. She was born in a feudal landlord family in Hulan District, Harbin and died in Japanese-occupied Hong Kong at the age of thirty. Her writing career spanned less than a decade, but her works have stood as models for later generations of writers. Xiao Hong’s short, turbulent life was the subject of Huo Jianqi’s film Falling Flowers, starring Song Jia, Huang Jue and Wang Renjun, marking the centenary of Xiao Hong’s birth. The story tells the poignant love story and itinerant life experiences of Xiao Hong. Song Jia won the Best Actress at the Golden Rooster Awards, the China-US Film Festival, and the Vancouver Chinese Film Festival for her role as Xiao Hong.

Scan the QR code below to watch the full-length films and learn about their stories. Chinese and English subtitles are available.

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