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Chinese Taiji Kungfu Enjoys High Reputation in Israel
2012-03-10 23:03

On March 9th, Master Li Enjiu, famous coach of Chinese Taijiquan and the main inheritor of Chen Style Taijiquan of Hong School, was invited by Ms. Li Ronghua, the head of Israel-China Martial Arts Center to come to Israel for teaching skills to about 100 local Taijiquan learners. The head of the Cultural Section from the Chinese Embassy also came to the venue.

In spite of the fatigue by the long journey and the time differences between China and Israel, up to seventy-year-old Master Li Enjiu went to the venue of the training center and met with the learners of Taijiquan for a lecture in the afternoon of the same day he arrived in Israel. The national flags of the People's Republic of China and the State of Israel as well as two slogans of Experiencing Taijin Culture and Promoting Chinese Martial Arts were hung around the venue.

Master Li Enjiu introduced the students to the origin and development of the Chinese martial arts,explained the close relationship between Chinese martial arts and Chinese philosophy as well as Chinese medicine. He illustrated the characteristics of protecting oneself, keeping fit and strong by playing Taijiquan. Then, he demonstrated playing Taijiquan one section after another to the learners. While showing, he explained the ways of practicing to the learners and asked them to imitate. At the same time, the Master also helped the learners to practice in a correct way.

Master Li Enjiu is very famous both in China and in the world, as he has devoted about thirty years on inheriting and promoting Chen Style Taijiquan of Hong Class. He wrote such books as Chinese Culture and Martial Arts, Analysis to Technical Actions of Pushing-hands, Research on the comparison between Boxing and Pushing-hands in Taijiquan, Chinese Pushing-hands in Taijiquan etc. He also compiled educational discs of Thirty-six Skills of Capturing and Chen Style Taijiquan of Hong School for China Martial Arts Institute. Master Li has contributed a lot to the promotion of Chinese martial arts.

Israel-China Martial Arts Center was established by Ms. Li Ronghua in June, 2007. She has engaged in promoting and teaching Chen Style Taijiquan of Hong School for many years and her students are from different parts of Israel. Some of her students won several gold and silver medals in the International Martial Arts Competitions. In order to improve the local students' quality and skills of playing Taijiquan, Ms. Li invited Master Li Enjiu to come to Israel and offer instruction to her students so as to enable them to have a valuable face to face opportunity with the Master. Master Li Enjiu taught the local learners earnestly and encouraged the students to learn Chinese martial arts and have a better understanding of Chinese culture. On the practicing venue, there was an eight-year-old little learner, Yani, who started learning Taijiquan together with his mother when he was five years old. So far, he has been playing Taijiquan for four years. Though he is very young, he has an expectation to learn Taijinquan well. Yani showed his precise movements of his body according to the requirements from Master Li.

Master Li Enjiu's visit to Israel would exert active influence on promoting the culture exchanges between China and Israel, deepening the understanding and enhancing the friendship between the peoples of both countries.



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