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China and Israel Work Together with Sincerity and Reciprocity
2012-02-21 20:20
On February 19, Ambassador Gao Yanping attended the 4th "TSAV 8 TO BARCELONA" Conference as invited, and had "face-to-face talks" with Ms. Irit Ben-Abba, Deputy Director General for economic affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. "TSAV 8 TO BARCELONA" Conference is held in Israel every year before the Mobile World Congress. It is held in the beautiful coastal city Netanya this year. The CEOs from telecom industry, along with venture capitals and global hi-tech companies gathered together and discussed commonly concerned issues about telecommunication, high technology and market. And it was the first time that the Chinese Ambassador was invited and conducted "face-to-face talks" about China. The meeting room was packed with more than 200 leaders from Israeli industry and business. They welcomed Ambassador Gao with warm applause, and showed strong interest and expectation to the voice from China.


The dialogue between Ambassador Gao and DDG Ben-Abba was sparkling and complementary. They had a meaningful discussion on issues of general interests to Israeli industrial and business sector, such as "understanding and evaluation of the Chinese Ambassador to Israel", "Sino-Israel relations in the past, present and in the future", "the similarities between Chinese people and Jewish people", "how will China deal with the economic and social challenges", "how will a stronger China undertake international responsibilities", "advice on how to do business in China", and "telecom industry in China", etc. With frankness and cordiality, Ambassador Gao shared with the audience her in-depth perspectives and thoughts on these issues and gave concise, vivid, informative and well-organized answers.


"I'm very glad to work in Israel."


DDG Ben-Abba first asked, "Why Your Excellency chose to come to Israel after finishing your term in the United States?" Ambassador Gao answered with humor, "professional diplomats must abide by orders like soldiers. Although Israel is not my choice, I'm much honored to serve as the Chinese Ambassador in Israel." The audience broke into enthusiastic applause.


"China is confident in dealing with all the challenges and building a bright future."


Ambassador Gao emphasized that China is a developing country with 1.3 billion people. It is confronted with not only many economic and social challenges "out of growth", but also adverse influence from global financial crisis and Euro zone debt crisis. However, Chinese people are confident in and capable of overcoming the difficulties, dealing with the challenges, and building a bright future of comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development.


"China is never intended to become a superpower, but only to assure a peaceful, harmonious and happy life for its people."


As to whether a stronger China is willing to undertake more international responsibilities, Ambassador Gao said seriously, "China is never intended to become a superpower. The per capita GDP in China is only 10% of that in Israel. There is still a long way to go to realize modernization in China." Ambassador Gao suggested the elites from industry and business present at the meeting read the White Paper titled "China's Peaceful Development" issued by the Chinese government last September, and get a deep understanding of China's concept of "peaceful development". Ambassador Gao emphasized that China, as one of the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council and one of those responsible countries, has always been undertaking international responsibilities sincerely.


"Israeli companies have a lot of opportunities in China."


Ambassador Gao briefed the audience on telecom industry in China with informative data: In 2011, the main business revenue of telecom industry is 988 billion RMB, very close to 1 trillion RMB. As of the end of 2011, there are 1.27 billion phone users, including 0.99 billion mobile phone users in the country. That's about 7 mobile phone users of every 10 people. And there are 0.49 billion internet users, about 4 of every 10 people. The 5 large telecom companies, ZTE, Huawei, China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom offer more than 1 million job opportunities. Israeli companies are well-known for hi-tech and innovation, while Chinese companies enjoy huge market and rich educated human resources. Israeli companies have a lot of opportunities and very promising future in China with complementary advantages and cooperation of the strongest between Israeli and Chinese companies.  


"China is a country ruled by laws and only lawful business will be reciprocal and win-win."


When asked how to explore Chinese market and how to do business in China, Ambassador Gao said, with the economic globalization, competition is fierce. First of all, only good products can gain market. Second, fair and low price will increase competiveness. Third, good credit is crucial because Chinese people have good memory like Jewish people. In addition, China is a country ruled by laws. Only when the companies abide by Chinese laws and regulations and do business legally and honestly could both sides get reciprocal and win-win benefits. There are no so-called "shortcuts".


"I believe Israel could attract more Chinese investment, business people, tourists and students."


Ambassador Gao said, the economy and trade cooperation between China and Israel has seen dramatic development since the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries in 1992. The bilateral trade volume was only 5,000USD in 1992, and it is expected to reach 10 billion USD this year. In China, the economy is developing very well, and people's living standard is rising. Many people are willing to invest in Israel, more want to enjoy the long history and culture, and lots of young people hope to learn advanced technology in Israel. She believes that Israel could attract more Chinese investment, business people, tourists and students. This has been and will continue bringing more trade, investment, job opportunities, mutual understanding and development.


"I wish peace and prosperity, good luck and happiness for the Chinese and Israeli people."


Ambassador Gao said the exchange between Chinese and Jewish people begun in the Song Dynasty of China, over 1,000 years ago. During the Second World War, cities in China like Shanghai, accepted and provided assistance to thousands of Jews who fled from Nazi persecution. The friendship between Chinese and Jewish people has stood the test of time. She wishes sincerely peace and prosperity, good luck and happiness for the intelligent, wise, hard-working, diligent and friendly Chinese and Israeli people in the Year of Dragon and the 20th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Israel. She believes that Sino-Israel cooperation will be fruitful and successful in the Year of Dragon.


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