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Celebrating the 95th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Liberation Army of China
2022-07-31 22:35

Remarks by Defense Attaché, Senior Colonel ZHANG Su

on the 95th Anniversary of the Founding of the Peoples Liberation Army of China

On August 1st, 95 years ago, the Nanchang Uprising marked the birth of a people’s army under the command of the Chinese Communist Party. Founded and commanded by the CPC, the PLA is closely linked to the Party. It has firmly advanced under the banner of the Party, and unswervingly followed the development pace of the Party and the people. Over the past 95 years, this people’s army has displayed its bravery and courage and lived up to its mission, demonstrating its utmost loyalty to the Party and the people with great sacrifice. It has made indelible contributions to the country’s liberation, socialist development, and reform, and firmly safeguarded the country’s sovereignty, security, and development interests. 

A hundred years of brilliance has created a great cause, while the journey of strengthening the PLA sees no end. Standing at the historical intersection of the Two Centenary Goals, the PLA follows the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era and thoroughly implements Xi Jinping Thought on strengthening the military as well as the military strategy for the new era. All ranks of the PLA uphold the Party's leadership and enhance political loyalty, train for war preparedness and safeguard the territory. Unremitting efforts have been made to achieve the Party's goal of strengthening the military in the new era and transforming the people's military into a world-class force in an all-around way.

As was emphasized by President Xi, “peace, concord, and harmony are ideas that the Chinese nation has pursued and carried forward for more than 5,000 years. The Chinese nation does not carry aggressive or hegemonic traits in its genes.” Since its founding in 1949,  the People’s Republic of China has unswervingly pursued a defensive national defense policy. China was not part of any war or armed conflict around the world, and it never created a crisis in any region. Moreover, China’s military has always been an important force for regional and global peace. Since China began to dispatch observers to the UNTSO in 1990, it has sent nearly 50,000 peacekeepers to 25 UN peacekeeping missions over the past three decades. Chinese peacekeepers are now key forces in UNPKOs. Since December 2008, the PLA has dispatched 40 convoys to regular vessel escort operations in the Gulf of Aden and waters off Somalia. China’s military also took an active part in international humanitarian assistance and disaster relief missions. In recent years, the PLA Navy’s hospital ship Peace Ark visited more than 40 countries and regions, providing medical services to over 230,000 people.

In 2022, China and Israel celebrate the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations. Our relations have withstood the test of changing circumstances during the past 30 years and established an innovative comprehensive partnership. In recent years, pragmatic cooperation between the two countries has made great progress. China’s military is willing to make joint efforts with Israel’s defense establishment and the IDF to help maintain the China-Israel relationship on a healthy and stable development track.

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