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The Chinese Embassy in Israel Strongly Opposes and Condemns U.S. House Speaker McCarthy’s “China Threat” Narrative at the Israeli Knesset
2023-05-02 02:26

On the afternoon of May 1st (Israeli time), in his address to the Israeli Knesset, U.S. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy blatantly hyped up the “China threat” narrative, attempting to drive a wedge between China and Israel and discredit the two countries’ cooperation. The Chinese Embassy in Israel expresses firm opposition and strong condemnation against Speaker McCarthy’s China-related remarks.

It is universally agreed by the international community that China’s development brings opportunities rather than “threats”. China and Israel have complementary advantages in cooperation. With a win-win nature, the bilateral cooperation delivers benefits to both countries and peoples. Such cooperation doesn’t target any third party, and nor should it be interfered by any third party. 

Here we send a stern message to those U.S. politicians with ulterior motives: China’s development and prosperity will not be shaken by containment and oppression; China’s international image will not be tainted by smears and slanders; and China’s friendly cooperation with other countries will not be undermined by those trying to sow discord. We urge those U.S. politicians to take a correct attitude, stop immediately their unwarranted smears against China, follow the trend of the times that reflects peace, development, cooperation and mutual benefits, and pursue the right path of promoting friendship and cooperation between countries.

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