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Spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in Israel Expresses Its Solemn Stance on US President Joe Biden’s China-related Remarks During His Visit to Israel
2022-07-16 21:34

Spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in Israel expresses its solemn stance on US President Joe Biden’s China-related remarks during his visit to Israel. The responses are as follows:

The Middle East is a land of its people, not anyone’s backyard. There is no so-called “vacuum” there. 

The Middle East is not yet tranquil, with COVID-19 posing a protracted challenge to regional development and the spillover of the Ukraine crisis affecting regional security. The people in the Middle East want development and security more than anything else. The international community, major countries in particular, should make it a priority and work constructively to help the countries and people in this region realize development and security, not otherwise.

China has long supported the people of the Middle East in independently exploring their own development path and supported Middle East countries in resolving regional security issues through solidarity and cooperation. We have made relentless efforts and played our due role in safeguarding peace, promoting development and facilitating the just and reasonable resolution of hotspot issues in the region. We are ready to work together with the international community to contribute positively to peace and development in the Middle East.

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