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Notice on Implementation of Online Visa Application Form and Appointment for Submission
2021-05-04 14:49

The Chinese Embassy in Israel will start using China online visa application form system (COVA, https://cova.cs.mfa.gov.cn/) and appointment for visa application submission system (AVAS, https://avas.cs.mfa.gov.cn/) from May 10th, 2021. Visa applicants are requested to complete visa application form online and to make an appointment online for visa submission in person to the visa offices. Please read the attached instruction.

1. The transition period is from May 10th to June 9th, 2021. From May 10th to June 9th, applications can still make visa applications with the paper-version China visa application form (V.2013). Starting from June 10th, applicants must complete their visa application form online and print out the auto-generated application form. The Chinese Embassy in Israel will no longer accept paper-version visa application form.

2. Applicants can submit visa application materials by person or  through a representative. From June 10th, applicants who have completed their online applications, have to make an appointment in advance and submit application to the visa office on appointed date.

3. Holders of diplomatic, official passport, members of government delegation, or applications for diplomatic, official and courtesy visa are exempted from making appointments for visa application, these visa applications can be submitted directly to the Chinese Embassy in Israel but are also requested to complete visa application form online and print out the auto-generated application form.

4. Important tips:
a. Applicants are required to upload photos of themselves that meet the photo requirements of the Chinese visa application, and fill out the visa application form truthfully, completely, and clearly. If information such as name, gender, date of birth, passport number, passport issuing country is wrong, or the uploaded photo is not your own, or some key information is  intentionally concealed or not taken seriously, the application will not be accepted or will be rejected. Applicants will need to submit a new application form online and schedule a new appointment.

b. Except for the above-mentioned situations or mistakes, for other unintentional mistakes or omissions, you can communicate with the clerk officer at the front desk for modification, and applicants must sign the form to confirm the modification.

5. Due to the current situation of COVID-19 pandemic, the Chinese Embassy in Israel will only accept visa applications for the following applicants:
a. Applicant who has obtained an "Invitation Letter (PU/TE)" or a "Verification Confirmation of Invitation" issued by the Foreign Affairs Office of the provincial government or the provincial department of commerce of the intended place of visit for visiting China for essential economic, trade, scientific and technological purposes or for working in China;

b. Applicant who is holding Foreigner's Residence Permit of China (issued by the Chinese immigration in China) for work, private purposes or family reunion that expired after 0 am, 28 March 2020, needs to go to China for the same visiting purpose as shown on the Residence Permit, and if the applicant can provide relevant documents as required.
However, foreign nationals holding valid Chinese residence permits (issued by the Chinese immigration in China) for work, personal purposes and reunion do not need to apply new visas.

c. Applicant who intends to visit an immediate family member in China (including parents, spouse, children, grandparents, grandchildren) who is in critical medical condition and in need of care, or to arrange funeral matters of an immediate family member in China;
Please send photocopies of medical certificate or death certificate, proof of relationships (including birth certificate, marriage certificate, Chinese household registration, certificate letter from the local police bureau in China, notarial certificate of kinship, etc.), and an invitation letter from relatives in China to chnconsulateisr@gmail.com for review.

d. Applicant who qualifies for a crew (C) visa.

e.Applicant (including accompanying spouse and children under the age of 18) who qualifies for a high-level talent (R) visa.

f. Visa applications for other visiting purposes which are not listed above will not be accepted at the moment, any change of the policy will be announced.

The visa office opens only on Mondays 09:00-12:00 currently.

Embassy of P.R.China in Israel

4 May 2021

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