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Chinese Ambassador Gao Yanping Attended Opening Ceremony of Exhibition "Birds in Chinese"
2012-11-02 20:31

      On 1st November, Ambassador Gao Yanping attended the opening ceremony of exhibition "Birds in Chinese" by Israeli sculptress Ms. Dina Merhav in Tel Aviv Artists House.

Chinese Ambassador Gao Yanping delivered a speech at the opening ceremony of exhibition "Birds in Chinese"

      Ambassador Gao expressed congratulations to Ms. Dina Merhav for the inauguration of the exhibition "Birds in Chinese", and evaluated positively her efforts in promoting the cultural interaction between China and Israel, and stressed that this year marks the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the diplomatic ties between China and Israel. The two countries jointly completed numerous achievements in friendly pragmatic cooperation in different areas. She wished the artists in Israel would continue to participate in the cultural exchanges between two countries and made an individual contribution to the mutual understanding and friendship between the peoples of two countries.

Ms. Dina Merhav was grateful to Ambassador Gao for her presence at opening ceremony of the exhibition and delivering a speech. She recalled excitedly her experience in China and stated that she would like to strengthen further the learning from each other among the artists in China and in Israel as well.

Sculptress Mrs. Dina Merhav(left)showed her works to Ambassador Gao(right)

     Also present at the ceremony were Ambassador Reuven Merhav, former Director General of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel, Doron Polka, eminent Israel curator, Yan Bin, cultural attaché in the Chinese Embassy, and an audience of over 200.

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