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Chinese Ice Sculpture Art Debuts in Israel
2012-03-07 23:00

"Ice Sculpture World" in Israel was open to the public on March 6th. Upon the invitation of Ariel Company in Israel, 35 ice sculptors from Heilongjiang Ice and Snow Arts Development Co., Ltd. in China came to Israel for designing and carving a crystal and beautiful "Ice Sculpture World" from the mid-February to the beginning of March.

The "Ice Sculpture World" covers an area of about 1500 square meters, which consists of Visiting Zone, Recreational Zone and Leisure Zone. In Visiting Zone, there are not only such vivid ice sculptures of various kinds of animals as panda, zebra, elephant, horse and cow etc, but also some ice sculptures of symbolic city buildings. In Recreational Zone, there is a huge ice slider which has been especially erected and carved for visitors who can enjoy sliding on it and recalling the happiness and enjoyment of their childhood. In Leisure Zone, there is an ice bar, where visitors can enjoy drinking with a unique flavor in the Ice Sculpture World, the temperature in which is minus 10 degree centigrade below zero.

While visitors are attracted and fascinated by the splendidly carved exhibits in the Ice Sculpture World, they also show high admiration to those Chinese ice sculptors who are full of veteran skills and rich imagination. It is said that the Ice Sculpture World keeps on opening to the public till the middle of April. A five-year cooperation agreement has been reached after a consultation between the Chinese and Israeli sides. Within the coming five years, the Ice Sculpture World will be held in Israel annually.


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