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2013-2014 Scholarship Notice
2013-01-30 20:12

The Chinese Government Scholarship Enrollment for the 2013-2014 academic year has begun. Welcome to pursue higher education degrees in China by applying for the scholarships listed:

1) Full scholarship funded by the Chinese government to the Israeli government

Anyone who wants to apply for the 5 slots for full scholarship provided by the Chinese government to the Israeli government shall apply to the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs by:

Phone: 02-5303549 Fax: 02-5303303

Email: scholarship@mfa.gov.il

Website: www.mfa.gov.il/scholarship

2) 5 slots of special government scholarships and 2 slots for Asian studying scholarships

Selection of the above-mentioned scholarships are carried out first by the designated universities listed below. The candidates chosen by each university shall be submitted afterwards to the Education Department of the Chinese Embassy in Israel, which will relay the overall list to the Chinese scholarship Council before April 20, 2013. Please contact your university for details if you are interested in application.

Application deadline:31, March,2013

As for the limited slots of scholarships this year, the universities shall submit the list of candidates by a proportion of 1:2 to the Education Department of the Chinese Embassy.

Slots allocated for colleges are as follows:

a. Special government scholarships

Hebrew University           1

Tel Aviv University          1 

Haifa University               1

Bar Ilan University           1

Ben Gurion Unviersity      1

b. Asian studying scholarships

Technion (Israel Institute of Technology)            1

Redman International College for Complementary Medicine    1

Education Department of the Chinese Embassy in Israel

Jan 20, 2013

公 告


联系信息:电话: 02 5303549,传真:02 5303303,

email:scholarship@mfa.gov.il;网站:www.mfa.gov.il / scholarship



经研究,现将奖学金名额分配附后,请各大学按分配名额的1 :2向中国驻以色列使馆教育组推荐.



希伯来大学 1人






以色列工学院                                        1人

雷德曼国际医学院                                 1人









1,网上申请的地址为: http://laihua.csc.edu.cn, 推荐使用Internet Explorer 浏览器.








地址:222 Ben Yehuda Street, Tel Aviv 61060, Israel



电子信箱educationcn@hotmail.com ,






1, 中国政府奖学金申请表

2, 外国人体格检查表

3, 赴华学习计划

4, 大学教授推荐表(2份)

5, 护照

6, 中华人民共和国签证申请表

7, 中华人民共和国签证申请表附表

8, 录取大学签发的入学通知书

9, 外国留学人员来华签证申请表(JW201表)

10, 医疗保险证明



Studying in China Online Registration Information Platform for Chinese Government Scholarships In 2013/2014 Academic Year

    According to the notice of the China Scholarship Council, students who want to apply for the Chinese Government Scholarship in the 2013-2014 academic year must first register online and complete the information in accordance with the requirements, then submit a formal application material to the Education Department of the Chinese Embassy in Israel.

The following is the online registration instructions and application procedures:

1. The address of the online application: http://laihua.csc.edu.cn (The use of IE browser is recommended.)

2. The primary user must register user name and password firstly. After successful registration, they are allowed to access to the information interface.

3. The first part of online application form is to fill out the enrollment agency code, applicants must fill out the code correctly otherwise they can't submit the online application form. The Education Department of The Chinese Embassy in Israel is the only official enrollment agency in Israel (enrollment accepting institution code: 3761).

4. After submitting an application form in the online application platform, applicants should print 3 copies of the application form as required in online application.

5. Aapplicant should submit the 3 copies in print of the application form together with other necessary paper materials (also 3 copies) to his/her university.

6. The relevant uuniversity will send both the reviewed sorting application materials together with the university's recommended list and recommendations to the Education Department of the Chinese Embassy in Israel before April 10, 2013.

7. Incomplete set of application documents will not be accepted (see Annex "List of materials").

Please feel free to contact the Education Department of the Chinese Embassy in Israel if further assistance is needed.

Address: 222 Ben Yehuda Street, Tel Aviv, 61060, Israel

Tel :03 -6024597

Fax :03 -5461787

Email: educationcn@hotmail.com


Education Department of Chinese Embassy in Israel

January 20, 2013



The List of materials of applying for entrance visa

for Chinese Government Scholarships

1. The Chinese Government Scholarship Application Form

2. Foreigner Physical Examination Form

3. Personal Plan for Studying in China

4. Recommendation Letters by two professors/tutors

5. Passport

6. The People's Republic of China visa application form

7. Supplementary Visa Application Form of The People's Republic of China

8. Notice of admission issued by the University Admission Office

9. The Foreign Students Studying in China Visa Application Form (JW201 Form)

10. Medical Insurance Certification




Instruction for Online Application for Studying in China

with 2013-2014 Chinese Government Scholarship

Step1: Visit http://laihua.csc.edu.cn.

The applicants should register for username and password before logging.

Step2: After logging on the system, Please read the "ONLINE APPLICATION GUIDANCE " and follow the steps.

Step3: Click the button "NEXT" and select the scholarship program you want to apply (please select The Chinese Government Scholarship program unless you may be applying for the other cooperation scholarship programs. )

Step4: Please note that the "AGENCY NO." is one of the most crucial part of your online application. It is listed in the first blank under the " PERSONNL DATA ". (AGENCY NO.: 3761) Please make sure that you fill it correctly otherwise you will not able to continue your online application process.

Step5: Please fill out online application form truly, correctly and completely follow the steps listed on the left of the page.

Applicants are required to select their Disciplines before choosing their major, any inquiry about the disciplines and majors please refer to the Disciplines Index which could be downloaded from help.

Step6: Please review the application form after finish it and submit it online.

Step7: Please download the finished application form by click the button " DOWNLORD APPLICATION " and print out three copies.

Step8: Please prepare other supporting documents as required and send the full package of application documents to the dispatching authorities in duplicate.

l It is strongly recommended to use Internet Explorer (6.0 or 7.0) otherwise inconvenience may be caused by other browsers.

l Chinese and English are the only languages used in the online application







一, 中国政府奖学金












二, 中国政府奖学金的申请

申请人应严格按要求认真如实填写奖学金申请表,并提交学历证明,成绩单,学习计划,健康证明及推荐信等有关申请材料.有关项目的详细介绍,奖学金申请办法,申请人须知等可以登录中国国家留学基金委网站查询,有关的奖学金申请表格及其体检表格等也可以通过该网站下载,网址是www.csc.edu.cn .

三, 奖学金生的录取

1, 留学基金委对奖学金申请人材料进行审核,并有权对其所选择的学习专业,年限和就读学校进行适当的调整.

2, 经留学基金委审核合格的申请材料转送有关学校,由学校决定是否录取.

3, 获得中国普通高等学校录取的奖学金申请人,经留学基金委批准后即可获得中国政府奖学金.奖学金获得者的名单报中国教育部备案.

4, 留学基金委将在7月31日前将录取名单,录取通知书和外国留学人员来华签证申请表JW201寄送中国驻所在国大使馆,由其将上述文件转交学生本人.




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