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Chinese Embassy in Israel Hosts a Reception for China-Israel People-to-People and Cultural Exchange Program
2012-07-12 23:50

Charge D'affaires Shi Yong, Israeli mayors and visiting Chinese university students

On July 12th, the Chinese Embassy in Israel held a reception to welcome the Chinese university students attending a short-time exchange program which was initiated by the Union of Local Authorities in Israel (ULAI). Mr. Shi Yong, Charge D'affaires a.i. of the Chinese Embassy, delivered keynote remarks at the reception. The Guests who also made remarks were Mr. Shlomo Bohbot, Chairman of ULAI and Mayor of Malot-Tarshiha, Mr. Moshe Sinai, Chairman of International Affairs Committee and Mayor of Rosh H'ayin, Mr. Moshik Lipats, Chairman of Sub-Committee for Asian Affairs and Mayor of Savyon, Mrs. Ruth Wasserman-Lande, Director of International Affairs of ULAI, and two representatives of the students from Peking University (PKU) and Shanghai International Studies University (SISU). The reception was mastered by Counselor Dai Yuming. More than 80 people were present, including 24 students majoring in Hebrew and Arabic Language from PKU and SISU, Mr. Amir Lati, Deputy Director of Northeast Asia Department of the Israeli Foreign Ministry, other officials from ULAI, 8 Israeli mayors and representatives of the host families, diplomats from the Chinese Embassy, and Chinese journalists stationed in Israel, etc.

Charge D'affaires Shi Yong

Mr. Shi Yong thanked the ULAI for initiating and organizing the exchange program, and extended a warm welcome to the Chinese university students. He said the year 2012 marked the 20th anniversary of China-Israel diplomatic ties, which maintained good momentum, and that people-to-people and cultural exchanges had become the third pillar of the bilateral relations after political exchanges and pragmatic cooperation. Mr. Shi hoped the two governments would work together with the local authorities and universities to promote people-to-people and cultural exchanges in the future to cultivate popular support for the bilateral relations. He also wished that the Chinese university students would seize the opportunity, improve their level of Hebrew and Arabic languages, comprehend Israel's national conditions and culture, and help Israelis with their Chinese language and culture study. He believed that in doing so, the Chinese students would act as a bridge between Chinese and Israeli people and make contribution to the bilateral relations.

Mr. Shlomo Bohbot, Chairman of ULAI and Mayor of Malot-Tarshiha

Mr. Shlomo Bohbot and other Israeli guests thanked the Chinese Embassy in Israel for providing the support and help. They recalled their visit to China in March 2012, spoke highly of China's development and culture, and said after the successful visit to China, they decided to invite the Chinese students of the Hebrew and Arabic major from PKU and SISU to Israel. They said these students would stay at the homes of Israeli Jews and Arabs, and be regarded as their children. They believed the exchange program would open a new chapter in the people-to-people and cultural exchanges between the two countries, which would definitely deepen the friendship, and set an example for other countries.


Mayor Moshe Sinai of Rosh H'ayin

Mayor Moshik Lipats of Savyon


Mayor Nasser Sanalla of Dir El Asad


Director Ruth Wasserman-Lande of International Affairs of ULAI


Representatives of the students from PKU and SISU also delivered remarks in Hebrew and Arabic respectively and vowed to be a bridge between the two countries and committed themselves to the bilateral exchanges and cooperation.


Ms. Liu Yunjiao majoring in Hebrew in PKU


Mr. Lv Sheng majoring in Arabic in SISU

The People-to-people and Cultural exchange program was one of a series of events in celebration of the 20th anniversary of China-Israel diplomatic ties, which was supported by the Chinese Embassy in Israel and organized by the ULAI. The ULAI invited 24 university students of Hebrew and Arabic major from PKU and SISU to live and study in Israel. The students arrived on July 10th, and lived with Jewish or Arabic families in 8 Israeli cities for more than 20 days, and visited different regions once a week on tours organized by the ULAI. They taught the Israeli families basic Chinese language and presented Chinese culture to them. They would return on August 5th to China after completion of the exchange program.


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