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Studying in China Online Registration Information Platform for Chinese Government Scholarships in 2012/2013 Academic Year
2012-02-22 19:50

According to the notice of the China Scholarship Council, the students, applying for the Chinese Government Scholarship in the 2012/2013 academic, must first register online and complete the information in accordance with the requirements and then a formal application materials should be submitted to the Education Department of the Chinese Embassy in Israel. The following is the online registration instructions for use of the information platform and application procedures:

1, The address of the online application: http://laihua.csc.edu.cn ( recommend using Internet Explorer browser.)

2, The primary user, must be first registered user’s name and password. After successful registration, they are allowed to fill out an application user name and password and then to access the information interface.

3, Applicants must fill out the application information and accepted for enrollment agency code, otherwise it is impossible to correctly implement the online application. Education Department of the Chinese Embassy in Israel is the enrollment agency in Israel, the enrollment accepting institution code is 3761.

4,After submitting an application in the information platform, the applicant shall be asked to print 3 copies of application form.

5, The applicant should print 3 copies of the application form, and together with other paper materials to be submitted sent to the applicant's university.

6, The University will send both the reviewed sorting application materials together with the university's recommended list and recommendations to the Education Department of the Chinese Embassy in Israel before April 10, 2012.

7, Incomplete application materials will not be receiving (see Annex "List of materials").

please feel free to contact the Education Department of the Chinese Embassy in Israel if you have any questions.

Address: 222 Ben Yehuda Street, Tel Aviv, 61.06 thousand, Israel

Tel :03 -6024597

Fax :03 -5461787

E-mail: educationcn@hotmail.com


Education Department of Chinese Embassy in Israel

February 10, 2012




The List of materials of applying for entrance visa

for Chinese Government Scholarships

1, the Chinese Government Scholarship Application Form

2, Foreigner Physical Examination Form

3, Personal Plan for Studying in China

4, Two university professors'  Recommendation Letter

5, Passport

6, The People's Republic of China visa application form

7, Supplementary Visa Application Form of The People's Republic of China

8, Notice of admission issued by the University Admission

9, The Foreign Students Studying in China Visa Application Form (JW201 Form)

10, Medical Insurance Certificate


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