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Opening Six Windows and Building Six Bridges
――Three True Stories in “Chinese Film Week” in Israel
2012-04-18 17:00

Sponsored by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television of China and the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in the State of Israel and organized by Tel Aviv Cinematheque, "Chinese Film Week" was held to mark the 20th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Israel in the cities of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa from April 1st to 15th. A fresh atmosphere among the local film viewers for better understanding China by seeing six Chinese films of "Messages", "Stand Still, the Last Grace Wall", "Bodyguards & Assassins", "Hua Mulan", "Forever Enthralled" and "Confucius" appeared again in Israel.

An Active Gentleman who Engages in the Cultural Exchanges between China and Israel

Mr. Barry Swersky, a gentleman of over seventy-years-old, enjoys a good fame in the cultural and arts circles in Israel. In his early years, Mr. Swersky worked as a managerial staff member in theatres and accumulated over twenty-years of experience. Therefore, he is very familiar with the famous talents in the circles of culture and arts. In recent years, he took an active part in such cultural exchange projects between China and Israel as the Event of "Celebrating Beijing Olympic Games" in 2008, the Large Activities of "Experiencing China in Israel" in 2009 and "Ha Hui's New Ceremonial Concert" in Israel in 2010. Every year, Mr. Swersky donates money to some Israeli talents for culture and arts to visit China for promoting the direct exchanges and cooperation with Chinese counterparts. He also offered support to the latest Chinese Film Week in Tel Aviv. He said happily, "In recent years, as the cultural exchanges between China and Israel are increasing day by day, I will continue to contribute what I have within my capability."

A Cinematheque Manager who Loves to Show Chinese Films

Mr. Along Garbuz, Manager of Tel Aviv Cinematheque, keeps close contact with counterparts from China for promoting the mutual exchanges in the film industries between China and Israel. In recent years, with the cooperation from Chinese side, Mr. Garbuz hosted some projects of Chinese film weeks, for example, "Reviewing Century Chinese Films" of "Street Angel", "Song of the Fishermen" and "Crossroads" etc. in 2008, a Chinese Film Week of "The Park", "Battle of Wits", "You and Me", "A World without Thieves", "The Silent Holy Stone", "Gone is the One Who Held me Dearest in the World" and "Who Cares?" in 2009. An official from the Ministry of Culture and Sports of Israel said amusingly that Mr. Alon Garbuz has become an Israeli manager who is specialized in showing Chinese films.

A Movie Fan who is Interested in Chinese Films

Martha, a lady who is over forty-years-old, is interested in Chinese films since her childhood. If a Chinese film is shown in cinema, she will go there and see it and she does not care how far the cinema is. On noticing the news of the Chinese Film Week, She booked the tickets from the Internet and saw each of the films respectively. She said with emotion, "I love China and Chinese culture. It is my sincere wish that Chinese Film Week would be held here regularly so as to enable the local audience, including me, to have a better understanding of China."

The three true stories of the active gentleman, the cinematheque manager and the movie fan are just some examples from the many local audiences who love Chinese culture and Chinese films. For enhancing the friendship between the peoples of China and Israel, showing the six Chinese films in the Chinese Film Week can be considered as opening six windows and building six bridges for introducing the local audience to the social development, people's life and the latest achievements in China from different angles.

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