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Ambassador Gao Yanping met with Former Israeli Ambassador to China Mr. Amos Nadai
2013-11-13 00:02
On 12th Nov, Ambassador Gao Yanping met with former Israeli Ambassador to China, Mr. Amos Nadai. Mr Yang Yonghong director of political section of the Chinese Embassy, and Mr Yan Bin, head of Culture Section of the Chinese embassy , were present.
Ambassador Gao highly praised the efforts made by Mr Nadai to promote Sino-Israel relation, deepen mutual understanding and friendship between Chinese people and Israeli people during his tenure. Ambassador Gao said that China and Israel are facing unprecedented opportunities of pragmatic cooperation in various areas, hoping the two countries could work together and realize mutual complementarity and common development. Ambassador Gao hope that Mr Nadai could pay attention to and support China-Israel relations as always.
Mr Nadai spoke highly of the great achievement of China's development, stating that Chinese and Jews are both rich in history and culture, the Chinese Dream put forward by the new leadership in China had much in common with Jewish Dream, which lays a solid foundation for the friendly and cooperative relations. As former Israeli Ambassador to China , he witnessed the strong momentum for cooperation, which covers the levels of state, provincial and people-to-people, and all areas of social life. He was greatly honored to be invited to attend the Overseas sinologists and cultural exchanges between China and Foreign countries Forum, and he would like to make his own contribution to the inheritance of friendship between Chinese people and Israeli people. 
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