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Ambassador Gao Yanping met with Chairman of the sustainable Global Leadership Academy
2013-11-14 23:49

On 13rd Nov. Ambassador Gao met with Mr. Shlomo Shoham, Chairman of sustainable Global Leadership Academy and former commissioner for Future Generation.

Mr. Shlomo Shoham said, after reading through the article of Ambassador Gao Yanping entitled "The Chinese Dream: A Dream China Shares with the World"in Israel Hayom, he was deeply impressed and motivated to visit Ambassador Gao. He thought that the Chinese Dream provides a new edition for the well-being of human future, and has great potential to be realized within the following decades. The Chinese dream has much in common with the Israeli dream, and both peoples of China and Israel seek a peaceful, harmonious and better life.

Ambassador Gao said, the Chinese Dream of realizing the great renewal of the Chinese nation, is not only the dream of the country, of the nation and of the people, but also brings opportunities for the cooperation between Chinese people and peoples around the world. Ambassador Gao also introduced the latest development of Sino-Israel relations, emphasized that the Chinese people and Israeli people keep a very good relationship, and the pragmatic cooperation between the two nations are quite fruitful and with great potential, stating that she is confident about the future of Sino-Israel relations.

Ambassador Gao also exchanged views with Mr. Shoham on issues of mutual concern, such as the ideology of peace, Middle East peace process.

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