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Ambassador Zhan Yongxin interviewed by Xinhua News Agency
2017-08-29 16:48

On Aug 21st,Chinese Ambassador to Israel Zhan Yongxin shared his thoughts on the four-point proposal made recently by Chinese President Xi Jinping for resolving the Palestinian issue in an interview with Xinhua News Agency.

Zhan said, the Proposal re-expounds China’s stand and overall views on this pendent dispute and is not only a continuation of China’s consistent policies of playing a constructive role in promoting Israeli-Palestinian peace, but also a bid to contribute China’s wisdom and solution to promoting peace under the current situation. The Proposal is farsighted, progressive and enlightening.

Zhan noted, as a staunch supporter of Israeli-Palestinian peace and a sincere mediator, China has over the years been concerned with and attached great importance to the Israeli-Palestinian issue. Even though this issue has been on the edge of being marginalized during recent years, China has repeatedly emphasized that it “can't be overlooked at any time and its resolution must be a top priority.”

Zhan pointed out, in recent years, China has intensified its engagement in the resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian issue. Besides actively participating in various peace efforts by the international community, China has raised its “two wheels running” proposal, which is not only on the political front pushing for peace between the two sides, but also on the economic front facilitating their cooperation and development. This idea exactly reflects in the four-point proposal. It highlights the unique advantage of Chinese wisdom in resolving international disputes and attests that China increasingly takes initiative to live up to its responsibilities as a major power under the new circumstances.

Zhan said, the Embassy has extensively promoted the four-point proposal recently and has received a positive response from the Israeli side. Many Israeli friends attach great importance to the Proposal and are willing to cooperate with China to follow the path it has indicated to find solutions for the Israeli-Palestinian issue.

Zhan said, we have witnessed the China-Israel relations in recent years entering the track of healthy and steady development, with fruitful achievements made in practical bilateral cooperation in various fields and an Innovative Comprehensive Partnership established in this year. Given the long-term far-reaching impact of the Israeli-Palestinian issue on the situation in the Middle East, realizing the vision of the two states, Israel and Palestine, living side by side and co-existing in peace at an early date is not only relevant to the well-being of the two parties and the international community, but also conducive to further development of the China-Israel relations in the future.

Zhan said,in the next phase, China will continue to work with the international community for the cessation of violence and resumption of the peace talks between Israel and Palestine as soon as possible, thus making contributions to the early comprehensive, just and lasting solution of the Israeli-Palestinian issue and the peace, stability and development in the Middle East.

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