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Ambassador Gao Yanping Attends Celebration of 90th Anniversary of Ramat Gan and Farewell Dinner for Sister Cities Delegations
2012-05-11 22:27

On May 9th, Ambassador Gao Yanping attended the farewell dinner for sister cities delegations of Ramat Gan upon the invitation of Mr. Zvi Bar, mayor of Ramat Gan. Present at the banquet were over 300 people, including 12 sister cities delegations from nine countries, two of which are Shenyang and Qingdao Delegations from China respectively led by Mr. Wen Guichun, vice chairman of Shenyang Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee, and Mr. Wang Guangzheng, Vice Mayor of Qingdao Municipal Government.

Ambassador Gao and Mr. Zvi Bar, mayor of Ramat Gan

Ambassador Gao in her speech extended warm congratulations to the 90th anniversary of the establishment of Ramat Gan and the achievement in twining of sister cities, and welcomed the presence of delegations from Shenyang and Qingdao, the sister cities of Ramat Gan. She stressed that the friendship between Chinese and Jewish people transcended one thousand years, and since the establishment of China-Israel diplomatic relations, practical cooperation has been fruitful in all fields. Bilateral trade volume increased by over 200 times within 20 years, and China-Israel relations are of great potential and promise. She hoped that the two people, as well as sister cities, could enhance cooperation and jointly make more contribution to the development of bilateral relations.

                 L-R: Ambassador Gao; Mr. Ofer Gur-Arie, vice mayor of Ramat Gan; Mr. Zvi Bar Mr. Ramzi Gabbay, chairman of the Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute.

Representatives from sister cities, including Mr. Wen Guichun and Mr. Wang Guangzheng followed Gao to congratulate the 90 anniversary and the meeting of sister cities. They shared their memory in twining with Ramat Gan, expressed their will of further exchange and cooperation to embrace any possible challenges together, and reiterated their confidence in a brighter and broader future of friendly cooperation.

L-R: Mr. Ramzi Gabbay, Mr. Wang Guangzheng, Ambassador Gao, Mr. Wen Guichun.

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