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Notice on Boarding Requirements for Certificates of Negative Nucleic Acid and Anti-Body Blood Tests(newest)
2020-10-30 20:52

To protect the health and safety of passengers and aircrew, and further control the risk of transnational spread of COVID-19, the Chinese Embassy in Israel recommends travelers to avoid all non-essential and non-urgent travels.

In order to reduce cross-border transmission of Covid-19, since 0:00am November 8th, 2020, all Chinese and foreign passengers who were to fly from Israel to China had been required to take nucleic acid(RT-PCR) and IgM anti-body tests(serological IgM) and then apply for a green health code with the "HS/HDC" mark. The specific requirements are as follows:

I. Test Requirements

1.Passengers going to China via direct flights must take nucleic acid(PCR) and IgM anti-body tests within 48 hours before boarding. They must take the tests at a medical institution recognized by the Chinese Embassy in Israel (http://il.china-embassy.org/eng/gztg/t1801731.htm) and then apply at the Chinese embassy for a green health code with the "HS/HDC" mark with certificates of negative results of both tests. Considering the fact that Ben Gurion International Airport does not provide nucleic acid(PCR) and IgM antibody tests for transit passengers, the Chinese Embassy in Israel doesn't issue HS/HDC Codes for passengers coming to Israel for transit to China.

2.The Chinese Embassy in Israel doesn't issue HS/HDC Codes for passengers who travel to China via connecting flights. When there is no available direct flight, passengers who have emergency humanitarian needs to travel to China must take nucleic acid and IgM anti-body tests in Israel within 48 hours before boarding their flights to the transit country and then take both tests again in the transit country within 48 hours before boarding the plane to China. Passengers must apply at the Chinese embassies/consulates in BOTH countries for green health codes with the "HS/HDC" mark with certificates of negative results of both tests.

II. Chinese Passengers Applying for Green Health Code with the "HS" Mark

Chinese passengers must make health declarations and upload photos of their COVID-19 negative nucleic acid, IgM anti-body tests results and vaccine certificate to the Wechat mini program COVID-19 Prevention Health Code International Version (see attachment 1) which will then be examined and verified by the Chinese Embassy in Israel. Then they will get the green health code with the "HS" mark(see attachment 2). Passengers must present the green code within its validity period to the airlines flying directly to China before boarding.

III. Foreign Passengers Applying for Certified Health Declaration Form

Foreign passengers taking flights to China departing from Israel are required to apply for a "Health Declare Certificate" online. Foreign passengers can log on to the website http://hrhk.cs.mfa.gov.cn/H5/ through computers or mobile phones, and fill in the information online, declare the health status, upload their negative nucleic acid and IgM anti-body tests results certificates and other materials(including vaccine certificate). After the Chinese Embassy in Israel finishes the review, the "Health Declare Certificate" (electronic version,see attachment 3) will be issued through this website. The "Health Declare Certificate" (electronic version) will be displayed in the form of a QR code with "HDC" logo. Upon boarding, foreign passengers must present the electronic version or the printed version for verification by the airline companies.

IV. People who have been vaccinated

Passengers who have been vaccinated should also upload the certificate of vaccination (see attachment 4) together with their nucleic acid and IgM anti-body tests results.

Passengers who have been vaccinated are required to board the plane 14 days after the last dose of vaccine. Application for the health code will not be approved if the date of receiving the last dose is less than 14 days away from boarding, even if the nucleic acid and IgM anti-body tests results are negative.

V. People who were infected

Passengers who were diagnosed as Covid-19 patient or whose PCR, IgM or IgG test result was positive, must take 2 PCR tests at least 24 hours apart and send the negative test certificates and pulmonary CT or X-ray diagnosis certificates issued by local hospitals to consulate_isr@mfa.gov.cn. After being approved by the Embassy, the passengers must self-isolate for at least 14 days and make sure that they are symptom-free. Then, the passengers can do the PCR and IgM tests within 2 days before boarding and upload their negative test certificates to apply for the QR code with "HDC" mark.

Ⅵ. Reminder

1.Please read the requirements carefully and follow them accordingly. Failure to obtain the green health code with the "HS" mark or a certified health declaration form with negative nucleic acid and IgM anti-body tests results means you will be refused to board a flight to China and will have to change your itinerary.

2.If you have to go to China via connecting flights, please check the transit country's entry regulations and its nucleic acid and IgM anti-body tests requirements beforehand. Failure to enter the transit country or meet the requirements regarding the tests, the green code or certified health declaration form could result in being stranded and heightened infection risks.

3.In order to prevent infection from long-distance travel after testing, closed-loop quarantine before boarding must be conducted. Passengers are strongly recommended to take personal protection very seriously to avoid infection in travel to the departure city and during the stay before departure. Please minimize public contact after testing.

4.Please pay close attention to the holiday arrangements in Israel. In consideration of potential holiday arrangements of relevant medical institutions, please make appointments for the nucleic acid test in advance.

If there is any question, please send email to: consulate_isr@mfa.gov.cn

Consular Section, Embassy of P.R.China
30 October 2020

Attachment 1:Wechat mini program COVID-19 Prevention Health Code International Version 

Attachment 2:Green health codes with an "HS" mark

Attachment 3:Health Declaration Forms

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