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Notice on Regulations of Boarding with Negative Nucleic Acid Test Certificate for COVID-19
for Passengers Trainsit Through Certain Countries To China
2020-07-28 22:23

1,The Chinese Embassy in Israel will do comprehensive evaluation and active preparation for the implementation of the announcement made by Civil Aviation Administration of China, General Administration of Customs and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China on 20 July. The Embassy will publish detailed information on its official website and WeChat Account accordingly when conditions are met. Before that, passengers fly with commercial direct flights from Israel to China or trainsit through countries where the requirement for a negativeCOVID-19 test result before boarding haven't been commenced are not required to take nucleic acid test within 5 days before boarding. Chinese citizens are required to declare required information through Wechat mini program COVID-19 Prevention Health Code International Version at least 14 days in advance; foreign citizens are required to sign Health Declaration while applying visa. 

2,Passengers transiting through countries where the requirement for a negative COVID-19 test result before boarding have been commenced(https://hr.cs.mfa.gov.cn/help_two/help-two/gj.html) are required to take nucleic acid test in Israel and present green health code with an "HS" mark/Health Declaration Form issued by the Chinese Embassy in Israel while boarding. Airlines are requested to help checking the health code /Health Declaration Form of relevant passengers during check-in or before boarding. Please make sure that the health codes or Forms are still valid when boarding the connecting flights to avoid stranded results.
(1)Testing Time and Recognised Institutions

The nucleic acid tests for COVID-19 must be taken within 5 days before boarding from institutions recognised by Chinese Embassy in Israel (http://il.china-embassy.org/eng/gztg/t1801731.htm).


(2) Chinese Passengers Applying for Health Codes

Chinese passengers must make health declarations and upload photos of their COVID-19 negative certificates to the Wechat mini program COVID19 Prevention Health Code International Version within 24 hours after receiving negative certificates. The passengers can obtain green health codes with an "HS" mark approved by Chinese Embassy in Israel and board within the validity period of the health codes. All passengers are required to cooperate with airlines for health codes checking. Please see https://hr.cs.mfa.gov.cn/help_two/help-two/hs.html for Q & A.


 (3) Foreign Passengers Applying for Health Declaration Forms
Foreign passengers must send their scanned copies of passport, COVID-19 negative certificates and signed Health Declaration Form (see attachment) to the designated email address of Chinese Embassy in Israel (chnconsulateisr@gmail.com). The Chinese Embassy in Israel will send back a scanned copy of Health Declaration Form with a stamp to the passengers by email. All passengers are required to board with printed Health Declaration Forms within the validity period and cooperate with airlines for further checking.

Consular Section, Embassy of P.R.China
28 July 2020
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