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Institutions Recognised by Chinese Embassy in Israel
2020-07-28 22:07

Ⅰ.Anti-Body Blood (IgM) Testing Institution

Several medical institutions and private clinics in Israel (such as Sheba hospital,Shamir hospital, R.D.N and ROSENBLATT clinic) have IgM testing capabilities. For the convenience of getting tested, the Chinese Embassy in Israel has not designated or authorized Anti-Body Blood testing institutions. Please inquire of the testing institutions about the testing methods, report content, average time to deliver results and test prices.

Shamir Hospital:08-9542168. The results will be sent to you 12-24 hours.

Sheba Hospital: Information (Copy of valid passport,Contact information – email and phone number and Requested test date) to hanah.oshchega@sheba.health.gov.il or call 03-5303100 by the Wednesday before your test on Sunday . The results will be emailed to you the next day.

R.D.N Medical :*3416、058-7858708

ROSENBLATT Medical :052-3585373

Ⅱ.Nucleic Acid (PCR) Testing Institution

1.Sheba Medical Center

2.Rambam Medical Center

3.Hillel Yaffe Medical Center

4.Barzilai Hospital

5.Ziv Hospital

6.Shamir Hospital (Assaf Harofe)

7.Wolfson Hospital

8.Ichilov hospital

9.Baruch Fedeh Hospital

10.Galilee Medical Center, Nahariya

11.Hadassah Medical Center

12.Ben Gurion International Airport

13.Beilinson Hospital

14.Soroka Medical Center

15.Meir Hospital

16.Valley Hospital

17.Carmel Hospital

18.Yoseftal Medical Center

19.Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center

20.Kaplan Hospital

21.Shaare Zedek Medical Center

22.Bnei Zion Hospital

23.Salvation Hospital

24.Clalit Health Fund

25.Leumit Health Care Services

26.Maccabi Science Park Rehovot Hospital

27.Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot

28. Augusta Victoria Hospital 

29.A Beautifully Acclaimed Hospital

30.Magen David Adom

31.IDF Corona Virus Laboratory

32.Institute of Biological Research

33.General Health Fund

34.United Health Fund

35.National Laboratory of Public Health in Jerusalem

36.Tel Aviv Public Health Laboratory

37.Shmuel Geriatric Hospital

38.Multidisciplinary laboratory

39.Rosenblatt Medical

40.R.D.N Medical

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