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Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta Meets with Wang Yi
2022-01-06 23:55

On January 6, 2022 local time, Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta met with State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi who was visiting Kenya upon invitation in Mombasa.

Kenyatta asked Wang Yi to convey his cordial greetings to President Xi Jinping. Kenyatta said, the Chinese Foreign Minister's visit to Kenya at the beginning of the year fully demonstrates the strong relations between Kenya and China. China is not only a sincere friend of Kenya, but also a development partner of close cooperation. The deepening pragmatic cooperation in various fields and cultural exchanges between Kenya and China has created a large number of jobs in Kenya, improved people's lives, and brought notable benefits to the people. Kenya would not have today's development achievements without China's strong support, which is imprinted on the mind of the Kenyan government and people.

Kenyatta said, every country has the right to independently choose a development path suited to its own national conditions, and bring health, prosperity and dignity to its people. However, there are always some people who like to point fingers at our country, saying that we have various problems, but China has sincerely helped Kenya solve problems and meet our needs with actions. The cooperation between Kenya and China is about timely support between true partners. I was often asked why Kenya and China cooperate so closely. I told them that because China and Kenya respect each other and treat each other as equals. Kenya is willing to continue deepening mutually beneficial cooperation with China to achieve common development, and we are full of expectations for the future of Kenya-China relations.

Wang Yi first conveyed President Xi Jinping's cordial greetings and best wishes to President Kenyatta, and congratulated Kenya on its continuous rapid development under the leadership of President Kenyatta. Wang Yi said, the Chinese Foreign Minister's visit to Africa at the beginning of the year is to demonstrate the solidarity and mutual trust between China and Africa and China's firm determination to promote China-Africa friendship. This visit will send three clear signals. First, China will stand firmly with Africa to fight the COVID-19 pandemic with solidarity until the virus is completely defeated. Second, China is willing to strengthen all-round cooperation with Kenya to help Kenya enhance its self-development capabilities and accelerate industrialization. Third, China is willing to strengthen solidarity and coordination with Kenya in international and multilateral affairs, jointly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the two countries and the common interests of developing countries, and safeguard international fairness and justice. China is willing to work with Kenya to implement China-Kenya comprehensive strategic and cooperative partnership, and to be partners that firmly support each other, accelerate development and revitalization, promote China-Africa solidarity, and safeguard regional peace.

Kenyatta said, Kenya and China share common or similar positions on international and regional issues. Kenya is willing to strengthen cooperation with China in multilateral settings, especially at the UN Security Council, to jointly promote a more just and reasonable international order.

Wang Yi also introduced the "Initiative of Peaceful Development in the Horn of Africa" proposed by China upon request. Kenyatta said, this initiative meets the urgent needs of countries in the Horn of Africa. Kenya agrees with it completely and is willing to play a role in this regard.

After the talks, Wang Yi was invited to attend the completion ceremony of the Chinese-built oil terminal at the port of Mombasa with Kenyatta.

On the same day, Wang Yi also held talks with Kenyan Cabinet Secretary for Foreign Affairs Raychelle Awuor Omamo, and jointly witnessed the signing of bilateral cooperation documents and met the press.

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