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Notice on Updated RT-PCR Test Requirements for China-bound Travelers
2022-11-13 18:52

Starting from November 13, 2022, the Chinese Embassy in Israel will issue the Health Code according to the requirements on this notice.

I. Test Requirements

  1. All passengers should complete the RT-PCR test at the testing institutions in Israel within 48 hours before boarding. For example, the flight to China will take off at 13:30 pm on November 29 (Tuesday), and the sampling time for RT-PCR test within 48 hours before boarding should be after 13:30 pm on November 27 (Sunday).

Please note:

(1) Nucleic acid samples can be collected and tested at any legal laboratory institution in Israel. The test report should contain specific information such as name, passport number, date of birth, sampling date and time, date of report and the contact information of the testing institution.

(2) The result of self-test using the rapid test kit will not be accepted.

(3) Please confirm carefully in advance with the institutions to make sure getting test result in time, or you may not get on board the flight.

II. Apply for the Health Code

Passengers traveling to China must should get their RT-PCR test results from testing institutions, then apply for the Health Code from the Embassy, travel before the Health Code expires and get prepared for checking by the airlines before boarding.

1. The following documents are to be uploaded for the Health Code application:   

(1) the RT-PCR test result.

(2) Flight itinerary.

(3) Passport, Chinese visa or resident permit.

2. Foreign passengers can apply for Health Code at:


The website

HDC Health Code

III.Apply for the Customs Code

Besides the Green Health Code, within 24 hours before landing in China, you also need to fill in the China Customs Entry-Exit Health Declaration to obtain the Customs Code.

Foreign Passengers can visit the website:


and fill in the form.

Customs Code

IV.About taking transit flight to China

The Embassy can also issue the Health Code for passengers who fly from Israel to China via a third country. Please make sure that your Green Health Code remains valid before departure of your final flight to China. If the transit time exceeds 48 hours, passengers will have to take the RT-PCR test in the third country, and then apply for the Health Code in the third country.

V. The Embassy does not require additional Health Code application procedure for people who were infected before.

VI. Reminder

1.Please read the requirements carefully and follow them accordingly. Failure to obtain the Green Health Code with the "HS" mark or a certified health declaration form with negative nucleic acid test results means you will be refused to board a flight to China and will have to change your itinerary.

2.Please pay close attention to the holiday arrangements in Israel. In consideration of potential holiday arrangements of relevant medical institutions, please make appointments for the nucleic acid test in advance.

If there is any question, please send email to:


Embassy of the People’s Republic of China

in the State of Israel

November 13, 2022

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