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Let lies about Xinjiang scatter before facts
2021-03-01 15:47

  Wang Yongjun, Spokesperson of Embassy of the People's Republic of China in the State of Israel

The Chinese Embassy in Israel noticed that the Jerusalem Post published a commentary on China's Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous region in recent days. This article concocted and disseminated plenty of false information, smeared China's image and its policies governing Xinjiang in an abominable attempt to deceive Israeli friends. It is necessary to distinguish facts from lies the article spread and set the record straight.

The article brazenly advocated for a so-called "possible independence of Xinjiang" and splitting China, which is deeply shocking and indignant. China is a unified multiethnic country. Fifty-six ethnic groups are closely united as family members, just like pomegranate seeds that stick together, and the various ethnic groups in Xinjiang have been part of the Chinese nation since the 1st century BC. Xinjiang used to be a passage for transportation and civilization exchanges in Eurasia. The famous "Silk Road" connecting ancient Eastern and Western civilizations passed through right there.

In more recent times, hostile forces in and outside China, especially separatists, religious extremists and terrorists, have tried to split China and break it apart by distorting history and facts. They attempt to separate ethnic groups in Xinjiang from the Chinese nation and ethnic cultures in the region from the diverse but integrated Chinese culture. Words and actions of splitting a country will be condemned, and will not be tolerated in any part of the world.

The article fabricated lies about "racial discrimination" in Xinjiang. The foundation of China's ethnic policies lays in recognizing the existence of all ethnic groups and guaranteeing their equal rights on all aspects. According to the Constitution of China, "all nationalities in the People's Republic of China are equal.""Discrimination against and oppression of any nationality are prohibited; any act that undermines the unity of the nationalities or instigates division is prohibited." Xinjiang People's Broadcasting Station offers 12 radio channels in five languages including Mandarin, Uygur, Kazak. Primary and secondary schools in Xinjiang offer courses in Uygur, Kazak and ethnic minority languages. Chinese RMB banknotes have five languages including Uygur.

The article fabricated lies about suppressing ethnic minorities under the pretext of fighting terrorism in Xinjiang. The fact is, Xinjiang-related issues are not about human rights, ethnicity or religion, but combating violent terrorism and separatism. Incomplete statistics show that from 1990 to 2016, ethnic separatists, religious extremists, and violent terrorists plotted and conducted several thousand violent terrorist attacks. They killed many innocent civilians and several hundred police officers and caused immeasurable property losses. These terrorist activities inflicted untold suffering on the people of various ethnic groups in Xinjiang. In the face of the complicated situation, China proactively followed the United Nations Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy and other counter-terrorism resolutions, launched anti-terrorism and de-radicalization efforts in Xinjiang in accordance with the law. Since 2014, a total of 1,588 violent and terrorist groups have been taken out, 12,995 violent terrorists arrested, and 2,052 explosive devices seized. Such operations have significantly improved public security, and protected the right to life, right to health, right to development, and other basic rights of people of all ethnic groups. Xinjiang has reported no violent terrorist cases for more than four consecutive years.

The article fabricated lies about "genocide" against Uygurs and other ethnic minorities in Xinjiang. The fact is, the Uygur population in Xinjiang has been growing steadily in recent years. From 2010 to 2018, the Uygur population in Xinjiang rose from 10.17 million to 12.72 million, an increase of 2.55 million or 25.04 percent. The growth rate of the Uygur population is not only higher than that of Xinjiang's total population, which is 13.99 percent, but also higher than that of all ethnic minority groups, which is 22.14 percent, let alone the Han population's 2 percent. Xinjiang enjoys social stability, with the people living and working in peace and contentment. The region has made unprecedented achievements in economic and social development and improvement of people's livelihood. From 2014 to 2019, the GDP of Xinjiang increased from 919.59 billion yuan to 1.36 trillion yuan, with an average annual growth rate of 7.2 percent.

The article fabricated lies about "re-education camps" set up in Xinjiang, and "exercising 'religious control', political indoctrination, intimidation and torture over the trainees". The fact is, Xinjiang has never had any so-called "re-education camps". The vocational education and training centers established in Xinjiang in accordance with the law were education and training institutions in nature and were preventive counter-terrorism and de-radicalization measures taken by Xinjiang. They are no different from the de-radicalization centers set in other countries, and are all active steps to realize preventive counter-terrorism and de-radicalization goals so as to cut off terrorism and religious extremism at the root. By October 2019, all the trainees in such centers had completed their studies and graduated, and most of them have found stable jobs and lived a peaceful life.

The vocational education and training centers fully respected and protected trainees' freedom of religious belief, ethnic customs and habits, the right to use their own ethnic spoken and written languages, and fully guaranteed the trainees' personal freedom and dignity. Any form of humiliation or mistreatment were strictly prohibited. The so-called "beating and torture", "sexual assault and sterilization against women", "accused of crimes they never committed" are total nonsense.

Recently, international media including "the Grey Zone", an independent news website in the US revealed that the so-called "Uyghur victims" were all liars. They have become actors and tools for anti-China forces to spread lies on Xinjiang and smear China's image.

Xinjiang is a land of beauty, which received over 200 million tourists in 2019. We encourage Israeli friends to visit Xinjiang, to see with your own eyes, to talk to local people, to explore the real Xinjiang, and to enjoy the beauty of Xinjiang.

We believe Israeli friends are resourceful enough to resist false statements. We call on every media that upholds fairness, justice and abides by professional ethics to respect facts and refrain from spreading lies on Xinjiang.

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